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I am a Democratic taxpayer, and I firmly believe in and support Erie County's system of granting food stamps to hungry, needy families. But I can understand the feelings of those who do not support such public assistance programs, as would anyone if they happened to shop at a supermarket on the first day of any given month.

What I see on these such days never ceases to amaze and infuriate me. Long lines of patrons using food stamps to purchase such luxury items as ice cream, the most expensive brand of frozen pizza, potato chips, cookies and even expensive fish such as shrimp. I am certainly not implying that all food-stamp recipients are so frivolous with their spending, but I would not be writing this letter if I had not seen this numerous times.

I feel bitter toward people who buy foods more expensive than I can afford with the food stamps that I am helping to pay for through taxes. I rent my own apartment, and I work two jobs so that I may support myself and save for the future. I thank God that I can do this, as I know many people do not have one job.

I also thank the Lord for giving me a roof over my head, food in my stomach and clothing to wear. I know many people are as appreciative receiving food stamps as I was when I received grants to help me through college.

Now I budget my money, try to save, and cut coupons, something I rarely see food-stamp recipients use. My mother is financially stable, and she still saves $15 a week cutting coupons.

If only the few food-stamp abusers could be a little more conservative and thrifty, I'm sure their Republican opponents wouldn't feel as if they were handing them an easy way out on a silver platter.


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