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Charges and countercharges flew between locker rooms after the Calgary Flames moved to within one game of their first Stanley Cup championship.

"Obviously they did it on purpose," said Montreal Canadiens winger Russ Courtnall of the Calgary net coming off its moorings just when it seemed the Canadiens might force an overtime.

"They've been doing it all series. They (the referees) have to start calling it. They (the Flames) do it every game.

"They (the Flames) have been complaining the referees are pro-Montreal all series," said Montreal center Bobby Smith. "But they've been getting away with things all series."

"There's no doubt in my mind that the net coming off was intentional," said Calgary's Colin Patterson. "I wasn't the least bit worried (about a penalty shot).

"All I know is that in their building we got a penalty in overtime and they didn't cry then, did they? No, they didn't say a word."

Montreal coach Pat Burns also charged that Calgary's first goal, Joel Otto's score off Rick Green's giveaway, shouldn't have counted.

"That was a bit hard to take," said Burns. "The guy had both skates in the crease (supposedly illegal unless a player is pushed in). If you look at the video you can see both his skates right in the crease."

Otto, however, said he shot from outside the crease and that his momentum carried him toward Montreal goalie Patrick Roy. Roy made the save, but the puck came off his pads, hit Otto in the shoulder and went in.

Otto scored a similar goal in overtime of the seventh game in the series with Vancouver. The Canucks argued that goal should not have counted.
Referee Kerry Fraser was booed repeatedly when he skated on to the ice. Fraser called a penalty on the Flames' Mark Hunter in the second overtime of Game Three at Montreal that contributed to Montreal's winning goal.

The league has already altered its officials rotation in light of an investigation into off-ice activities involving Don Koharski. Koharski, involved in last season's Doughnutgate Debacle, is reported to have violated curfew the night before he worked the deciding game in the Philadelphia-Montreal series.

There were reports Fraser was scheduled to do Game Six in the Forum and Denis Morel would have worked Tuesday's game, but because of the controversy regarding Game Three, a certain party or parties did not want Fraser involved in what would be a Cup-deciding game. The league has denied that.
Teams winning non-decisive fifth games have gone on to win the Cup 10 of 13 times. In only three years -- 1950, 1964 and 1971 -- has the loser of Game Five gone on to win the final two games. . . . The next game will be played Thursday at Montreal (7:35 p.m., Ch. 5). A seventh game, if necessary, would be played Sunday at Calgary beginning at 8:05 p.m.

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