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Q I RECENTLY TOOK my child to a hairdresser for her first haircut.

Since it was her first cut, they did not want to wash her hair or get it wet. The girl did cut her hair, but she was unable to curl it because my daughter was too frightened. When it came time to pay the bill I had to pay for a full service haircut.

I told the cashier that my daughter did not receive a full-service haircut, but she said I had to pay it anyway. I don't feel this is fair. -- N.L., Buffalo
A WE AGREE WITH you and, more importantly, so does the shop's owner. She has sent you a letter apologizing for the incident and says, "The cashier should not have charged her for a full-service child's cut when in fact that is not what she received.

"I have since had a conversation with the girl and we have cleared up any confusion as to how this should have been handled."

She also tells us, "I also spoke with this customer over the phone and apologized for any inconvenience this may have caused her. She was very nice about the whole matter and we have sent her a gift certificate for a full-service child's cut.

I just wish she had come to me directly at the time, but I am grateful this was brought to my attention so that I was able to rectify the problem."

Consumer grams
. . . To Mrs. M. Wasierski of Cheektowaga from The Estee Corp. in Parsippany, N.J.: "We are sorry she did not receive her copy of 'The Fabulous Fructose Recipe Book.' We are temporarily out of stock and have been informed by the publishing company the the book has to be reprinted and will not be available for six weeks. We will send her another copy at the time." . . .

. . . To Joan Schooner of Buffalo from Magazine Publishers Service Inc. in Boynton Beach, Fla.: "Her order was resubmitted in October of 1988. Unfortunately we have had a few problems with our clearinghouse. We have resubmitted her order and she should start receiving her TV Guide subscription by the end of June." . . .

. . . To Janet Zielinski of Java Center from the Gillette Co. in Boston, Mass.: "We apologize for the inconvenience resulting from a problem with our promotional offer. We have requested the company handling this offer to check their files. Someone will contact you as soon as possible." . . .

. . . To Heather Hill of Buffalo from James Lynam, claims manager for Zurich-American Insurance in Melville: "Our investigation revealed that there is a question as to which vehicle had the red light at the time of the accident. Under the law of comparative negligence, we extended an offer of 50 percent of the damages sustained to her vehicle. We are presently waiting a response to this offer." . . .

. . . To Angie Sherlock of Cheektowaga from Pat Edwards of Silver Eagle Records in Orchard Park: "We understand the need to preserve customer good will, and because of this need, we have forwarded your request for a replacement." . . .

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