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Cardinal Bernard F. Law has urged Catholic parents to keep their children out of AIDS education classes in Boston public schools because he believes the lessons will promote permissive sexual conduct.

In the letter read at weekend Masses in Boston parishes, the cardinal said the lessons planned for students in Grades 7 through 12 over the next six weeks "could place our children in danger, both moral and physical."

The schools plan to offer two 45-minute lessons stressing abstinence and shunning intravenous drug use as the best way to prevent AIDS. Instructors will tell students who are sexually active to use condoms. Parents who object may exempt their children from the classes.

Law warned that "students as young as 13 will . . . be given explicit instructions in the use of condoms. Sexual abstinence cannot be taught if at the same time detailed directions on how to use condoms are presented as an alternative."

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