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In response to the great humanitarian who gets so much personal pleasure and enjoyment out of killing some poor, defenseless creature and questions the integrity of Marv Levy, is he aware of the fact that animals and poultry, which are raised for human consumption, are put to death instantly and as painlessly as possible (and they don't leave behind mates or offspring)?

They are not killed to satisfy someone's animalistic, macho ego, but to feed the nation, and is as necessary as any other industry in this country of ours.

Their deaths are instant and certain, not like the deaths of many of the hunted animals which are wounded and suffer a great deal before they die, or the ones that are wounded and get away and suffer a great deal of pain before they die.

Hunting and hunters are part of our way of living, and always will be, and I accept that, but I resent the insinuation that, unless you are a strict vegetarian, don't question killing poor animals for sport.

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