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Marge Anstey of Lyndonville was one of the readers who answered our request for a raglan sleeve sweater, and in her letter asked for the directions for cro-hooking.

This is a one-needle knitting craft done on a long thick needle usually three-eights inches in diameterwith a hook on each end. You work both ends of the needle, with two skeins of yarn.

You do 2 rows with one skein, then slide work to other end of needle, turn and do 2 rows with second skein. The yarn never needs to be cut. Two rows are done on first skein starting and ending on the same side, then 2 rows are done on second skein starting and ending on opposite side. Pick up rows are worked from right to left. The row you work the stitches off is worked from left to right.

To one needle knit, chain on a desired number of stitches, lock the last stitch by making another chain stitch. Keep this stitch on needle as it becomes the first stitch on row 2.

Row 2: Insert needle, yarn over needle and pull through. Pick up each loop in this manner, keeping loops on needle. Do this to end of chain stitch. Lock last stitch by making an extra chain stitch in last stitch to tighten. COUNT STITCHES. This is the number of stitches you work with until desired length is reached.

TURN NEEDLE AND MOVE TO OPPOSITE END. Row 3: Tie on second color on corner loop of bottom row (opposite end of starting of chain stitches.) * With second color yarn, work off loops. Yarn over needle, pull through first stitch, yarn over needle, pull through 2 stitches (one of each color) to end of row. Lock last stitch by doing extra chain and keeping it on needle to form first stitch of next row *. KEEP YARN LOOSE AT ALL TIMES.

Row 4: Pick up loops with same color (2nd color) yarn, making sure to pick up first and last stitch (those are rather easy to skip). Lock last stitch by making extra chain stitch and tighten yarn. COUNT STITCHES.

TURN NEEDLE AND MOVE WORK TO OPPOSITE END. Repeat row 3 from * to * and row 4 to desired length, alternating colors, ending with same color as starting color. Note: Protect ends of needle with rubber or plastic tips.

Materials used are 4-ply worsted wool (remember it will stretch) or 100% Orlon Sayelle (this is machine washable). Gauge is approximately 3 stitches to the inch.

To make a scarf (this is a good practice item) use 25 to 28 sts. Approximately 51 ridges of starting color. End scarf with the same color you start with. Fringe ends.

For a reversible afghan you'll need 4 skeins of each color, chain 150 sts (yes, they will fit on your needle) when worked off the needle it will be approximately 4 1/2 feet or 54 inches wide. Work desired length.

Harlequin afghan directions

Irene Burke of Buffalo would like to find a pattern for an afghan made in a Harlequin design. And, hopefully some of the readers can help. If so, send the directions or information to Craft Exchange, The Buffalo News, P.O. Box 100, Buffalo, N.Y. 14240.

Cost of sweater leaflet

Anyone sending for leaflet No. 159 published by Leisure Arts for the raglan sleeve sweaters in sizes 9 months to 50; should send $3.50 plus $1.50 for postage and handling. This information was in the column on April 30. The address is Leisure Arts, Box 5595, Little Rock, Ark. 72215.

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