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So hunting and fur-trapping are what bother animal rights advocate Marv Levy most? He is angered about the way human beings treat the other species of the world and whose interests involve the killing of animals. Well, I most certainly can respect Mr. Levy and his feelings provided he adheres to the following:

He is a vegetarian and does not consume any red meat, poultry or fish;

No longer wears leather clothing or shoes, most of which had fur attached to it while living;

No longer drives an automobile, which Levy certainly knows kills hundreds of different species by the thousands on our roadways.

Supports halting of all further construction and development of homes, malls and highways, etc., which further consumes the habitat of our wildlife.

Supports the ending of all animal experimentation, not just some forms.

And finally, will resign immediately as head coach of the Buffalo Bills. After all, aren't footballs made from the hides of another species of the world.

Unless the above is true, Levy is just another uninformed, hypocritical animal rights advocate.

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