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LET'S TIE up a few loose ends this week.

The first two that are dangling are the phone numbers for the computer bulletin boards I mentioned last week. These are numbers you can call with any modem-equipped computer to connect with message systems that have areas set aside for audio and music discussions.

You can reach the Canisius Computer Club at 883-2260 and Animal Farm at 838-5591.

Audiophiles who are members of Compuserve can share ideas and information through that service's Computer Electronics Forum. You can join by typing GO CEFORUM at any prompt.

Forum membership is free, but the usual hourly connect charges apply. And if you don't mind paying the long distance phone charges, the Madisound speaker company in Madison, Wis., operates the Audio Projects bulletin board with lots of programs and text files relating to audio. The number for that system is 608-767-2585.

If you're at loose ends from trying to hook up your audio and video components, you'll appreciate having a copy of Connections, a how-to-hook-it-all-up booklet published by Audio Control.

Audio Control makes equalizers and other signal processing components so Connections makes a point of explaining how such accessories patch into typical stereo systems, but the basics are covered, too. Copies of Connections will soon be arriving at Audio Control dealers. In our area that's Stereo Advantage.

I rushed the calendar a little last week. The Western New York Audio Society meets the first Tuesday of each month in 110 Bacon Hall at Buffalo State College. The upcoming meeting is Dec. 6 and it will be called to order about 7:30 p.m.

This meeting will be particularly interesting since B&K Components will be showing its new Sonata Series of electronics. B&K is a local manufacturer that has achieved great prominence on the national hi-fi scene in the last few years.

Those of you who have aging Dynaco equipment in your system may want to contact Sound Values, Box 551, Dublin, Ohio, 43017. This company bought Dynaco's entire parts inventory in 1980 and can provide replacement parts to keep most Dynaco models operating as new. It can even provide Dynaco power amplifier kits, including a recently re-introduced tube type Stereo 70. And if you have Dynaco gear that you no longer need, Sound Values can still help. The company is always in the market for such components.

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