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"Buffalo?" singer Eddie Money exclaims over the phone from Burlington, Vt. "I lost $350 on Buffalo this week. My bookie didn't tell me it was iffy." The San Francisco-based rocker's cash flow is a worrisome thing, even though his latest single, "Walk on Water," has cracked the Top Ten. Adding another hit to a string which began in 1978 with "Baby Hold On" doesn't exactly have him rolling in dough.

"Between my ex-wife and my girlfriend, I've got a $20,000 nut to crack," he says. "I feel like I'm freebasing two chicks. And I'm not even on drugs and booze. I've been sober for six months. I'm a blues singer, what do you want? If you don't laugh, you cry. The problem is, my past is always coming back to haunt me. Now that I'm making money, CBS wants the $150,000 I owe them."

For all that, Eddie Money's having fun on this tour, which brings him to Shea's Buffalo next Wednesday night with an all-female rock band, Vixen, as the opener. After a year of studio work, he's got a hit record. He's got his old sidekick, Jimmy Lyon, back on guitar. He's on the Fox Network's "Rock 'N' Roll Christmas" special Dec. 11. And he's working up some of his old songs and adding them to his show.

"We're bringing back 'So Good To Be in Love Again' from the first album," he says. "We ought to have it ready by the time we get there. I hope it snows a lot for the show. Then I'll get to see the people who really love me." --

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