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Dennis Miller, The Off-White Album (Warner 25780-1) and Sam Kinison, Have You Seen Me Lately (Warner 25748-1). Sam, Sam the Screaming Man has hit MTV with his obscene version of "Wild Thing" (visuals by Jessica Hahn, complete with mammary augmentation). Yes, it's on the record. He's also hit vinyl with a performance that virtually negates anything that anyone over 30 might once have liked about him as a comic -- an obscene tirade of sophomoric, largely unfunny pandering to inchoate adolescent hostility. It's as if Kinison decided that the logical thing to do after divorce was go back to high school. On the other hand, Dennis Miller's record from his HBO special, "Mr. Miller Goes to Washington," takes such deadly aim at real targets in a real world that it's enough to restore the good name of comedy and "unsuitable language." While Kinison seems to have decided to write bad graffiti for high school bathrooms, Miller has written some of the sharpest cultural and social commentary around.

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