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While this past weekend’s top box office draw “Elvis” takes some liberties with the life of the “king of rock ‘n’ roll,” a look back at Elvis Presley’s 1957 visit to Buffalo fits into the energy created in the film, writes Steve Cichon.

OLAF FUB SEZ: According to Antoine de Saint-Exupery, author of “The Little Prince” and born on this date in 1900, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

The roomy restaurant dominating the northwest corner of Main Street and Transit Road recently made a Mexican turn, as the third and largest member of the Andale restaurant family. Sunlight floods the tall-ceilinged space through soaring windows. The décor, going beyond sombrero cliches, incl…

LOS ANGELES — Ibram X. Kendi has spent years studying racism's history, and he is intimately familiar with its violence, horrors and brutalities. So when he became a father six years ago, the thought of exposing his daughter to the legacy and realities of racism deeply troubled him. The issue became more personal when Imani, then 1, became attached at day care to a white doll with blue eyes ...

It's summer, and here with it are all the pleasures of reading outside. Consuming a good book out in the world binds you closer to it: I can still remember the exact feel, smell and location of the grassy hill where I finished "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" during summer more than a decade ago. Here are five newly released paperbacks. "Wake: The Secret History of Women-Led Slave ...

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