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7 Things a Cadillac Can Do So You Don’t Have To

Sometimes driving can be fun, and sometimes it can be downright unenjoyable. Who hasn’t been stuck in creeping traffic, wishing that their car could move forward automatically without them controlling anything? Or had something dart in front of their vehicle and wish that the car could brake on its own?

It doesn’t have to be science fiction. Many car manufacturers are adding autonomous safety features to their vehicles, with Cadillac leading the way.

Here are 7 things that a Cadillac can do for you so you don’t have to:

  1. Watch your blind spots

According to Rocco Zarcone, Technology Expert at Keyser Cadillac, many Cadillac models include blind-spot monitors in the side-view mirrors. “If a car is in the driver’s blind spot, a light on the side view mirror comes on to warn them,” Zarcone says. This kind of sixth-sense awareness is part of the Cadillac Driver Awareness Package, which is optional on all Luxury trim level vehicles and standard on Premium Luxury and Platinum trim levels.

  1. Stay in your lane

The Driver Awareness Package also includes Lane Keep Assist/Lane Departure Warning. “Let’s say that you’re drifting into another lane. The steering wheel will firm up to keep you from drifting, and if you continue drifting, the seat will vibrate and beep to further alert you,” Zarcone explains.

  1. Automatic braking

The Driver Awareness Package includes one more important feature: Forward Collision Alert. “I also call this Pedestrian Alert,” Zarcone says. “If anyone is detected walking out in front of a vehicle, or if the vehicle in front of you comes to a stop, your vehicle stops, too.” The stopping distance varies depending on your speed, and the vehicle will alert you first before engaging the brakes.

  1. Check behind you

All 2018 Cadillac models come standard with a back-up camera and Rear Cross Traffic Alert. The minute you shift the vehicle into reverse, onboard systems will automatically check the backup camera and rear bumper radar for obstructions. If there is an obstacle, the driver will be alerted by a constant beep until it is clear to proceed.

  1. Squeeze into a parking space

Select vehicles can use their onboard cameras to parallel park, undoubtedly one of the trickiest maneuvers most drivers accomplish. “You just have to control the braking and gas,” Zarcone says. “The steering wheel will turn on its own, and onboard alerts will tell when you to put car into reverse or drive.” The vehicle intelligently uses its front and rear cameras and radar system to steer perfectly into place. He adds that the system works equally well for backing into a perpendicular parking space.

  1. Slow down or speed up automatically

While cruise control is engaged, some Cadillac models can adjust the speed automatically when the front ultrasonic radar detects a slower moving vehicle ahead in the same lane. “For instance, on the XT5 Platinum trim, there is a feature called Adaptive Cruise Control,” Zarcone says. The vehicle automatically slows down as you get close to another vehicle, and then returns to your set speed if the car in front of you accelerates or moves out of the your lane.

  1. Drive itself (mostly)

“The big thing that I’d like to touch on is only available on the Cadillac CT6,” Zarcone says. “It comes standard on the Platinum trim level, or as an option on the Premium Luxury.” This feature, called Super Cruise, is an Autonomous mode where the vehicle drives itself on limited-access freeways.  Super Cruise uses the Adaptive Cruise Control feature along with Automatic Lane Keep Assist to maintain the vehicle’s current speed and lane with limited driver interaction. In fact, Zarcone says, it is the only vehicle out on the market where you don’t have to keep your hands on the wheel while using this feature.

“Now, it is the law in New York State that you have to keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times,” Zarcone says, but GM is working with the state government to pass an exception to the law. Zarcone also points out that if you’re driving in a snowy area, you do have to make sure that the sensors and cameras aren’t covered up by ice and snow, since the vehicle uses the drivelines on the road to check its current position.

To find out more about these features and all the other great safety and technology features available in the new 2018 Cadillacs, visit Keyser Cadillac in Williamsville, N.Y. Keyser has specialized in Cadillacs since 1959 and has the largest new and pre-owned Cadillac inventory in WNY. Visit them online at or call (716) 634-4100 for more information.

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