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Cool downtown post-theater hangouts

The show’s over and someone in your group says, “Let’s do something.” But what? Here are several places to go, some of which are a short walk from the theater

Spot Coffee / 227 Delaware Ave. / Buffalo

If you prefer your post-theater conversation to be fueled by caffeine rather than wine, Spot is your go-to location. With comfy furniture and a cozy atmosphere, it’s ideal for a post-show pick-me-up. Open until 11 p.m.

E.B. Green’s / Hyatt Hotel, 2 Fountain Plaza / Buffalo

If you got dressed up in your best duds for a night at the theater and aren’t ready to go home yet, you’ll fit in just fine in this sophisticated steakhouse, where the well-equipped bar stays open until 11 p.m.

Cabaret / 490 Pearl St. / Buffalo

With its musical theater theme and proximity to Shea’s Performing Arts Center, Cabaret is strategically located for a quick post-show martini. Closes at 11 p.m.

Bacchus / 56 W. Chippewa St. / Buffalo

If your post-theater craving includes a glass of wine in a space quiet enough to dissect the show you just saw, this upscale bar and restaurant on the Chippewa Strip is just the place. It stays open until midnight on weekends.

Q / 44 Allen St. / Buffalo

You can’t move an inch in this bar without bumping into an actor or director, so if you’re into rubbing elbows with the stars of Buffalo’s theater community, this is the place. It’s low-key, comfortable, full of colorful clientele and – perhaps most importantly – open into the wee hours.

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