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7 cool spots in Black Rock

The neighborhood near SUNY Buffalo State has experienced a resurgence in recent years and there are plenty of new things to see. Here are some that should keep you

Artsphere Studio and Gallery / 447 Amherst St. / Buffalo

Fans of more traditional art and sculpture should make a stop at this gallery, pragmatically connected to a salon, to check out work by an always changing selection of local painters, mixed media artists and sculptors. Owner Doreen DeBoth, who you’ll often see behind the desk, is one of the neighborhood’s most active and enthusiastic supporters.

27 Chandler St. / 27 Chandler St. / Buffalo

There’s no thrift or furniture store within 150 miles that can compete with this cluttered collection of objects and oddities spread over multiple floors in an old warehouse. There are designer chairs, old signs from long-closed Buffalo businesses, artworks by unknown hands and strange architectural creations of every imaginable type. You could easily lose an entire afternoon in this place without realizing it. And probably should.

Spar’s European Sausage Shop / 405 Amherst St.

These guys know a thing or two about sausage, and what they sell is probably significantly tastier than whatever is in your fridge. They’re also extremely knowledgeable and friendly to boot, which is par for the course in this affable neighborhood.

Sportsmen’s Tavern / 326 Amherst St. / Buffalo

Probably the main reason (aside from Wegmans and Tops) that people who don’t live in Black Rock come to Black Rock, this nigh-legendary music spot and bar has hosted an impressive array of blues, country and alternative acts over the years. Its recent expansion means you can watch the band comfortably from the upper level with an additional bar within reach.

Nick's Place / 504 Amherst St. / Buffalo

There is absolutely nothing flowery about Nick’s, a Greek diner that is proudly bare-bones in its decor and presentation but serious about its food. It’s an ideal and incredibly cheap spot for Saturday breakfasts, guaranteed to soften your landing after a Friday night out and to quell your deepest souvlaki cravings.

Rohall's Corner / 540 Amherst St. / Buffalo

This neighborhood hangout is possibly the friendliest drinking spot in Buffalo. With plenty of European beers on tap, a warm atmosphere, a bartender who makes and sells her own line of hot sauce (samples are behind the bar) and a distinctly personable clientele, the vibe of this place is addictive.

464 Gallery / 464 Amherst St. / Buffalo

This gallery, opened by Marcus Wise in 2009, is credited with spurring a new wave of interest in the Amherst Street neighborhood from artists, creative types and business people. It features a constantly rotating series of exhibitions from emerging and established artists in addition to hosting parties, readings and other events that make it one of the most visibly active spots on the street.

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