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5 miles of tasty bliss on Sheridan Drive

Western New York has more than its share of iconic restaurants, but you can find five of the most well-known on a stretch of Sheridan Drive in Tonawanda and

John & Mary's / 2352 Sheridan Drive

The John & Mary's brand was well-established by the time John and Mary Guida came to Tonawanda in 1968. The current site at Sheridan and Ashford in 1974, a block away from Ted's. Only at John & Mary's can you get the signature A-bomb, Italian sausage with peppers, onions and hot sauce. Today there are nine John & Mary's restaurants, all of them operated independently either by family members or close friends of the Guida family.

Photo by Nick Agro / Buffalo News

Anderson's / 2235 Sheridan Drive

The little frozen custard stand that Carl Anderson brought from the Bronx to Kenmore Avenue in 1947, before opening on Sheridan in 1953, is now a seven-restaurant chain that specializes is equally well-known for its roast beef sandwiches. All but one are operated by his family.

Duff's / 3651 Sheridan Drive

Duff's did not start serving chicken wings, its signature menu item, until 1969, 23 years after it opened, when Louise Duffner started to make wings so that her son Ron could stop buying them from another restaurant. After that, Duff's reputation began to grow. It has never stopped growing. Today, there are nine Duff's locations, five in WNY.

Louie's / 69 Grand Island Blvd. at the western end of Sheridan

Out for a drive one night in 1951, Louis Turco spotted a truck stop not far from the Niagara River. He had always wanted to own a restaurant, so he convinced his wife that this was the place. Louie's Original Foot Long Hot Dogs was born. Although not technically on Sheridan Drive, Angelo Turco refers to it as "the foot of Sheridan."

Ted's Hot Dogs / 2312 Sheridan Drive / Opened in 1948

The story of Ted's started with the Peace Bridge, when recent immigrant Theodore Liaros began selling hot dogs out of a toolshed that was used by workers until the span was finished in 1927. Twenty-one years later, he made his first incursion into the burbs, opening the place on Sheridan that still stands today. Today, there are eight Ted's locations in Western New York and one in the Phoenix area.

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