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5 of the cutest animals in the Buffalo Zoo

It’s easy to be awed by the sight of some of the animals at the Buffalo Zoo. It’s just as easy to say


Imagine a giant hamster, a hamster scaled up, oh, a thousand times until it’s the size of a medium-sized dog. That is the capybara. It lives in the Tropical Rainforest exhibit where, billed as the world’s largest rodent, it sits placidly chewing leaves. It is unbelievably cute.

Sea lion

The massive sea lions swim in a circular channel, and you stand on low bridges over the channel and watch them zoom through the water beneath your feet. They are always turning in the water, eating fish, flipping around, and every once in a while you get a good glimpse of their wise, whiskered faces.


There is something sweet about the farm animals exhibit, and especially sweet about seeing this huge, patient animal standing helpfully and sociably right next to the sign that reads, “Mule.” With its big ears and its gentle brown eyes, it’s adorable.


The outrageousness of the gorillas is in how they are almost human. They can be noble, intimidating even. And the one mama gorilla has been seen lying on her back next to a tire, playing with her toes, meditating on the mysteries of life. So ancient, so inscrutable.

Egyptian dab lizard

This foot-long critter has an unusual way of defending itself from predators: It gets into a crevice and then puffs up so it can’t be pulled out. So it has these thick folds of skin allowing it to expand when it needs to. That makes it cute in an unusual way as it sits eating out of its bowl. Your heart goes out to it. It looks like a turtle without a shell.

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