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McGRATH, Jack - Lovingly remembered today and every day. Happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy Father's Day. SALLY, SUSAN, JIM, MICHAEL AND LINDSEY


LEVAN, Joan S. - Happy Birthday. We miss you. Love, memories, hugs and kisses, YOUR HUSBAND EDDIE

MILITELLO, Paul I. "Paulie" - Grief never ends, but it changes. It's a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith. It's the price of Love. It's been 12 years since you left. We love and miss you every day. You live in our hearts forever. Love, MOM, SISTERS MICHELLE, LISA AND MARIA

LUCCI, Vincent - Dear Vince, Birthdays have always been a big part of our family and today I wish you Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary. You will always be remembered. YOUR LOVING WIFE AND CHILDREN

WALKER, Marjorie "Maggie" "Marge" - May the love of God enfold you. May His joys for you increase; His perpetual light shine on you. May He give you endless peace. A year has passed already. We miss you and love you, dear friend. "DAR" AND JOHN


Budny, Adolph - Happy Birthday Pop! You're 100 years old today. It's hard to believe you've been gone for 24 years now. A lot has changed since you left us; our Yankees are winning now, and you're a great grandpa (2 of 'em). But you probably know that and have met 'em long before we or anybody else did. But this isn't like your regular shirt and beer birthday, so we gotta …

LEMAN, Stephen - 16 years. You live forever in my thoughts, my heart and my prayers, my sweet son. Love and miss you so much. God Bless you, honey. Heartbroken, MOM AND DAUGHTER

OLIVERI, Louis A., Jr. - Hon my life with you was making precious memories. For the past eight years my life is living with those memories. Miss and love you since forever. BRIDGET

PHILLIPS, Paul L. - One year ago, God took you home. We will forever love and miss you. YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS

Pilat, Thomas J. - Those we love, don't go away; they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near; so loved, so missed, so very dear. Love Aways, MOM, DAD, TAMMY, KEITH & LILY

REESE, William W. - Sending you our love and prayers on your 93rd birthday. Missing you forever, YOUR BRIDE AND ALL OUR CHILDREN