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Name (Title/Position) Email
Colville, Todd (Vice President  Sales) tcolville@buffnews.com
Buffum, Shawn (Adverting Director) sbuffum@buffnews.com
Colello, Cindy (Retail Sales Director) ccolello@buffnews.com
Healy, Diane (Major Accounts Manager) dhealy@buffnews.com
Morris, Mark (Target Marketing Manager) mmorris@buffnews.com
Brooker, Ann (Specialty Products Coordinator) abooker@buffnews.com
Kehm, Dana (Classified Supervisor) dkehm@buffnews.com
French, Joel (Auto & Employment Manager) jfrench@buffnews.com
Moskal, Linda (Real Estate Manager) lmoskal@buffnews.com
Tocha, Bill (TBN Direct Sales Manager) btocha@buffnews.com

The Buffalo News newsroom is the hub of writing, photographing and designing for each day’s paper.  

Name (Title/Position) Phone Email
Connelly, Mike (Editor) editor@buffnews.com
Connolly, Brian (Managing Editor) bconnolly@buffnews.com
Evans, Stan (Deputy Managing Editor) sevans@buffnews.com
Kenny, Margaret (Assistant Managing Editor) mkenny@buffnews.com
Neville, John (Editorial Page Editor) jneville@buffnews.com
Chiaramonte, Vince (Design Director) vchiaramonte@buffnews.com
Name (Title/Position) Phone Email
City Desk 849-4444 citydesk@buffnews.com
Watson, Rod (Urban Affairs Editor) 849-5598 rwatson@buffnews.com
Lakamp, Patrick (Assigning Editor for Enterprise) 849-4409 plakamp@buffnews.com
Mike McAndrew (Suburban and Breaking News Editor) 849-3448 mmcandrew@buffnews.com
Vogel, Charity (Night City Editor) 849-4077 cvogel@buffnews.com
Ehret, Paul (News Editor) 849-4439 pehret@buffnews.com
Sherman, Doug (News Editor) 849-4010 dsherman@buffnews.com
Schlau, Carol (Chief Copy Editor) 849-4473 cschlau@buffnews.com
Anderson, Dale 849-4420 danderson@buffnews.com
Becker, Maki 849-4136 mbecker@buffnews.com
Besecker, Aaron 849-4602 abesecker@buffnews.com
Davis, Henry (Medical) 849-5595 hdavis@buffnews.com
Fairbanks, Phil (Federal Court) 849-4507 pfairbanks@buffnews.com
Fischer, Nancy (Lewiston/North Tonawanda) 849-4604 nfischer@buffnews.com
Gryta, Matt (Crime) 849-4508 mgryta@buffnews.com
Heinle, Lexie (Data Visualization Specialist) lheinle@buffnews.com
Herbeck, Dan (Investigative) 849-4507 dherbeck@buffnews.com
Kirchberger, Daniel (Data) dkirchberger@buffnews.com
Kwiatkowski, Jane (Lackawanna) 849-4404 jkwiatkowski@buffnews.com
Lankes, Tiffany (City Education) 849-4610 tlankes@buffnews.com
McCarthy, Robert (Politics) 849-5593 rmccarthy@buffnews.com
McNeil, Harold (Amherst) 849-4614 hmcneil@buffnews.com
Michel, Lou (Crime) 849-4508/5594 lmichel@buffnews.com
Miller, Melinda (Courts) 849-4003 mmiller@buffnews.com
O'Brien, Barabara (Southtowns) 849-4617 bobrien@buffnews.com
Pasciak, Mary (Data Team Editor) 849-4613 mpasciak@buffnews.com
Pignataro, T.J. (Environment) 849-4414 tpignataro@buffnews.com
Popiolkowski, Joe (Tonawanda) 849-3441 jpopiolkowski@buffnews.com
Precious, Tom (Albany) (518) 434-6365 tprecious@buffnews.com
Prohaska, Thomas (Lockport/Niagara County) 440-9692 tprohaska@buffnews.com
Rey, Jay (City Education) 849-5591 jrey@buffnews.com
Robinson, Karen (Depew/Lancaster) 849-4410 krobinson@buffnews.com
Schulman, Susan (City Hall) 849-4408 sschulman@buffnews.com
Sommer, Mark 849-5484 msommer@buffnews.com
Spina, Matt (Investigative) 849-4529 mspina@buffnews.com
Tan, Sandra (County Hall) 849-4419 stan@buffnews.com
Tokasz, Jay (Higher Education) 849-4406 jtokasz@buffnews.com
Warner, Gene 849-5584 gwarner@buffnews.com
Williams, Deidre (City Education) 849-5589 dswilliams@buffnews.com
Zremski, Jerry (Washington) (202) 737-3188 jzremski@buffnews.com
Name (Title/Position) Phone Email
Business Desk 849-4434 fin@buffnews.com
Jewell Gee, Denise (Executive Business Editor) 849-4603 djgee@buffnews.com
Robinson, David (Deputy Business Editor) 849-4435 drobinson@buffnews.com
Epstein, Jonathan (Development) 849-4478 jepstein@buffnews.com
Glynn, Matt (Financial Services) 849-3444 mglynn@buffnews.com
Maziarz Christmann, Samantha (Retail) 849-4612 schristmann@buffnews.com
Watson, Stephen (Business of Health Care) 849-3486 swatson@buffnews.com
Name (Title/Position) Phone Email
Features Desk 849-4470 -----
Andriatch, Bruce (Features Editor) 849-4505 bandriatch@buffnews.com
Simon, Jeff (Arts Editor) 849-4438 jsimon@buffnews.com
Ruberto, Toni (Gusto Editor) 849-4458 truberto@buffnews.com
Scanlon, Scott (Refresh Editor) 849-4601 sscanlon@buffnews.com
Sullivan, Barbara (NeXt Editor) 849-4015 bsullivan@buffnews.com
Tsujimoto, Ben (Buffalo.com content coordinator) 849-6927 btsujimoto@buffnews.com
Dabkowski, Colin (Art/Theater) 849-4006 cdabkowski@buffnews.com
Galarneau, Andrew (Food Editor) 849-4484 agalarneau@buffnews.com
Kunz Goldman, Mary (Classical Music) 849-4001 mkunz@buffnews.com
Martin, Susan (Home & Style Editor) 849-4450 smartin@buffnews.com
Miers, Jeff (Music) 849-4506 jmiers@buffnews.com
Neville, Anne 849-4119 aneville@buffnews.com
O'Shei, Tim 849-4429 toshei@buffnews.com
Pergament, Alan (Media) 849-4470 apergament@buffnews.com
Name (Title/Position) Phone Email
Sports Desk 849-4461 sports@buffnews.com
Wilson, Lisa (Sports Editor) 849-4465 lwilson@buffnews.com
DiCesare, Bob (Deputy Sports Editor) 849-4463 bdicesare@buffnews.com
McShea, Keith (Deputy Sports Editor/Digital) 849-4138 kmcshea@buffnews.com
Bailey, Budd (Bandits) 849-4462 bbailey@buffnews.com
Carucci, Vic (Bills) 849-4461 vcarucci@buffnews.com
Connors, Greg 849-4461 gconnors@buffnews.com
Gaughan, Mark (Colleges) 849-4123 mgaughan@buffnews.com
Gleason, Bucky (Columnist) 849-4461 bgleason@buffnews.com
Graham, Tim 849-4461 tgraham@buffnews.com
Harrington, Mike (Sabres) 849-4461 mharrington@buffnews.com
Moritz, Amy (Sabres) 849-4461 amoritz@buffnews.com
Northrop, Milt (Bowling) 849-4461 mnorthrop@buffnews.com
Rodriguez, Miguel (High Schools) 849-4461 mrodriguez@buffnews.com
Skurski, Jay (Bills) 849-4461 jskurski@buffnews.com
Sullivan, Jerry (Columnist) 849-4113 jsullivan@buffnews.com
Vogl, John (Sabres) 849-4461 jvogl@buffnews.com
Name (Title/Position) Phone Email
Nason, Geoff (Digital Editor) gnason@buffnews.com
Meehan, Sara (Digital News Editor) smeehan@buffnews.com
Liu, Qina (Digital Engagement Editor) qliu@buffnews.com
Name (Title/Position) Phone Email
Zakroczemski, Dan 849-4168 dzakroczemski@buffnews.com
Zyglis, Adam 849-4486 azyglis@buffnews.com
Name (Title/Position) Phone Email
Photographer Desk 849-4428 -----
Curtiss, Cathaleen (Director of Photography) ----- ccurtiss@buffnews.com
Gee, Derek (Chief Photographer) ----- dgee@buffnews.com
Cantillon, Sharon ----- scantillon@buffnews.com
Hickey, John ----- jhickey@buffnews.com
Kirkham, Robert ----- rkirkham@buffnews.com
McCoy, James ----- jmccoy@buffnews.com
Mulville, Mark ----- mmulville@buffnews.com
Scull, Harry ----- hscull@buffnews.com