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Will Homan

Buffalo Magazine: BufFYI

Picture this: a family sits down for a holiday meal. The table is set, anticipation for the meal has been growing throughout the day, and stomachs are growling as visions of holiday staples fill their heads. Only there’s no food. It’s a situation many families face in WNY — during the holidays and throughout the year. In any given month, the Food Bank of WNY provides…

Buffalo Magazine: BufFYI

Get out," the voice hissed. The woman rewound the recording, all but certain her ears were playing a trick on her, and listened again. "Get out," it hissed for the second time. That was Jennifer Maldonado’s first — and only — trip to the Iron Island Museum on Buffalo’s East Side. She’d made sure to avoid the rest of the group — and its noise — as she explored the …