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Letter: If Republicans don’t act soon their party will be destroyed

If Republicans don’t act soon their party will be destroyed

As an octogenarian who has participated in every national election since 1952, I find it difficult, indeed painful, to witness the decline of this once splendid republic.

While there will always be doubt and distrust in every form of government, there exists in this country a deep apprehension largely due to the wild assertions of a confused, impulsive and inept part-time occupant of the White House.

Though there is no need to review the serious blunders made by this strange chief executive, his divergence from the long-established successful norms of governing is cause for serious concern.

If the present administration, starting from the Oval Office and extending toward a weak-willed Congress, does not make changes in the direction this country is going, the GOP will continue to wither and eventually perish. Should such occur, it will be replaced by an organization determined to end the chaos and ineffective stewardship that has alarmed not only the majority of citizens in this country, but those in allied nations who are well aware of the “fire and fury” threats emanating from this contentious former business “genius.”

Perhaps a member of the mid-18th century British House of Commons was right when, after losing his seat in that assembly, he said: “How odd that a person of low intelligence and character can be admitted to these hallowed chambers while men who possess such attributes can be shunned.”

Thomas L. Trabert Sr.


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