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Letter: Examine link between shootings and psychotropic medications

Examine link between shootings and psychotropic medications

There are two issues not talked about with school shootings. The Gun Free School Zones Act became law in 1990. Almost all of the shooters are on psychotropic drugs for ADHD, anxiety or depression. The list of side effects are anxiety, confusion, anger, irritability, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts and loss of contact with reality. Several studies have shown they don’t work on young people. Prozac became available in 1987. At least 10 percent of Americans are on these drugs, and way too many children are on them. School shootings started around 1999.

I went to a 1,500-person high school in the mid-’80s, and can’t think of a single person who would have needed to be on these drugs. Today nearly all of my friends’ kids have either been on them, or asked by doctors or schools to consider them. Guns were freely available to us as teenagers. Semiautomatic guns have been available to the public for over 100 years. It’s not the guns.

In Nikolas Cruz’s case, the sheriff received 45 calls to his house. If Cruz was arrested one time, he would not pass a background check. The FBI failed to act twice. Family member Barbara Kumbatovich told the Sun Sentinel that Cruz was on medication for emotional issues. Now we have media and left-wing orchestrated school walkouts, etc. Former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz told BuzzFeed she was in contact with students from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School the day after the shootings to help them with “communication strategy.” This is all about the left’s longtime political push for gun control.

David Petrie


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