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Letter: Trump leading nation to a plutocratic state

There is a specter haunting America; it is the specter of plutocracy and President Trump is its prophet.

A certain cadre of the rich (most are probably humane) have mounted what amounts to a coup in slow motion. The would-be plutocrats and their (mostly) Republican minions claim to be the saviors of free enterprise and minimal government for maximal freedom. Actually, they are struggling to destroy the countervailing forces that have been a bulwark against the various potential oligarchies that have endangered our democracy since its founding.

We the people have relied on our government to protect us from pollution, human-made climate change, monopolistic oppression (bloated prices, crushed unions, suppressed wages, deplorable working conditions) and other evils that capitalism has unleashed as it pawns itself off as free enterprise – the biggest of big lies.

The weapons of oppression are many. They include repeating oversimplified lies over and over again; blaming the protectors of democracy, such as the free press and dedicated law enforcement agencies, for all problems; as well as cooking up phony conspiracies and fostering international tensions to keep the country in a perceived state of emergency.

Trump is already well on the road to subverting the judicial branch and is working to concentrate all executive power in the Oval Office. He demands loyalty to himself personally, rather than to the Constitution and the people. Other minority executives in the past have succeeded at this game. Can it work here? Let’s hope not.

John Marvin


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