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Letter: Extremists in Congress block immigration reform

Rep. Chris Collins, R-Clarence, will forever live in infamy for being the first Congress member to support our very flawed president. The extreme right-wingers who constitute less than 50 percent of the Congress are in sync with the president and are controlling the agenda.

About four years ago, a bipartisan immigration bill was brought up through the House of Representatives, but the Republican speaker would not allow the bill to come up for a vote, even though the majority of legislators supported it. The same thing just happened in the Senate as a bipartisan group of 26 senators led by Republican Susan Collins worked on a bill for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) issue. I believe that Collins and the other extremists in the White House and Congress will only support an immigration bill if it makes any path to citizenship impossibly expensive and discouragingly long so immigrants who are here now will give up.

Many of the electorate are buying into the narrative that we can only keep ourselves safe if we close the borders. The truth is that since 2007, more Mexican immigrants have returned to Mexico than have entered the United States. Mexico has always been one of our most dependable allies and our trade has benefited both countries. Yet the extremists in Washington would have you believe we’re being overrun by Mexican cartels. When the recent earthquakes devastated Mexico, we did little to help our closest southern neighbor; a terrible crime against a very kind and generous society!

I would encourage everyone to understand the danger our republic is in when we allow extremists to divide us and cause us to mistrust anyone different than ourselves. I hope that people of both parties will encourage moderates to run for office.

Robert C. Mauger
East Aurora

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