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Editorial: It seems to us - On great teachers, creative marketing and a new word order

Here is a must-read ICYMI (In Case You Missed It): Last Sunday’s Niagara Weekend featured an article about David Glahe, recently announced winner of the U.S. Teacher of the Year Award from Niagara University’s College of Education. The big announcement came during an assembly held at his school: Hyde Park Elementary in Niagara Falls.

Glahe’s story, told by News staff reporter Anne Neville, is heartwarming. Glahe pays house calls to his students’ homes before the first day of class so that he can meet parents or guardians. This educator is driven to learn about his students, what they face in their lives outside school and find better ways to serve their educational needs.

Glahe and his peers, too many fine educators to mention, really are rock stars to their students and society. Congratulations!

We all know about spinoff industries and how one economy can bolster another. The Girl Scouts are becoming pros at leveraging that concept.

We refer (refer, not reefer) you to an unidentified Scout in San Diego who set up shop outside a marijuana dispensary. Her product was cookies. Her customers were well in the mood.

The child is reported to have sold more than 300 boxes of Girls Scout Cookies in six hours, or one every 72 seconds. Her total estimated take was more than $1,500.

She is either a marketing genius or a good learner. Another Girl Scout adopted a similar strategy in 2014, though with less dazzling success: That 13-year-old sold 117 boxes in two hours — a slightly faster rate of commerce, but producing far less volume.

Munchies matter. So, perhaps, does California.

Is there such as thing as “peoplekind?” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thinks there is and, predictably, it’s ignited a firestorm of controversy. Even among Canadians.

Even on Fox News.

Oh, man.

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