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Letter: Attacking intelligence agencies may lead to country’s downfall

I have a suspicion that the “super blue blood moon” might have caused the recent insanity displayed by the spineless, lying and hypocritical members of the Republican Freedom Caucus. Their senseless and reckless conduct in pushing the nonexistent conspiracy theory, in which the FBI has a “deep state” group, a “cabal,” specializing in smearing President Trump and a connection to the Russians, is total lunacy!

The lunatics behind this conspiracy theory are led by Rep. Devin Nunes, who is loudly backed by the arrogant blathering of Sen. Ron Johnson, Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Trey Gowdy (remember his four investigations into Benghazi, which spent millions of taxpayer dollars and came up empty handed?) among others. This outrageous attack on the American intelligence community could have been stopped by a credible speaker of the House, but Rep. Paul Ryan, a practicing Catholic who legislates “social injustice,” the exact opposite of the teachings of the Catholic Church, remained gutless and silent!

All Americans should be worried, for as David Ignatius, a respected international columnist, pointed out recently: “Beware: This is how countries fail, when politicians feed false narratives that undermine the institutions that protect the public.”

Larry Gustina


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