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Letter: United States has never had a more dangerous president

Last May, I was aghast to see photos of two Russian ambassadors inside the Oval Office laughing with President Trump when he informed them that he had fired FBI Director James Comey. It was a great victory for Vladimir Putin.

In the next eight months, Trump would fire (or try to fire) every Justice/FBI official involved in the Trump-Russia investigation. Today he is trying to fire the last two G-men – special counsel Robert Mueller and his boss, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

I’m astonished that the Republican leadership has been complicit in this sellout to Russia. Conservative pundit Bill Kristol calls it a “sickness.” We need to clean out this rat’s nest and vote every Republican out of office. Then a Democratic Congress could impeach the traitor Trump.

The story of this betrayal has come together in dribs and drabs of evidence compiled by dogged reporting from the New York Times, Washington Post, cable TV news and others.

Now Trump has ordered his generals to prepare a first-strike plan against North Korea. I wonder about the first-day casualty estimates. The population of Seoul, South Korea, is about 10 million. Would 1 million casualties be enough to detract attention from the Mueller investigation or would Trump need more? Would the standard military “package” of nuclear warheads propel enough debris into the atmosphere to block the sun and cause nuclear winter?

These are the most dangerous days in my memory. Saying and doing nothing is not an option.

Bob Catalano


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