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Letters: Republicans need to move on from probing Benghazi tragedy

Republicans need to move on from probing Benghazi tragedy

When will the right stop complaining about the four deaths in 2012 in the Benghazi attack. Sure it was a tragic loss of American lives, but I am certain that any person who takes a position in the Middle East or parts of Africa is aware of the potential risks associated with the job. We cannot protect every citizen working abroad 24 hours a day. It is an impossible task no matter who is the president. Ironic that one of the leading Republicans in charge of the Benghazi investigation, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., used $150,000 of taxpayer funds to settle a discrimination suit filed by a former veteran on his staff.

Countless hearings were held on this attack, millions of dollars spent and even though Republicans controlled Congress, no charges could be brought against President Obama or Secretary Clinton. With all of the problems facing our country I am certain our esteemed members of the Republican Party can find a better use of time and taxpayer funds.

One other point that I think is important to remember, when the idol of the far right was president, 241 Marines were killed in a Beruit bombing on his watch. There was not the barrage of congressional hearings by the Democrats over this loss of life. What did President Reagan do in response? He launched an invasion of Grenada a few weeks later, which helped divert attention from the mass murder in Beruit. I would bet at the time of that military operation the vast majority of Americans had no idea where Grenada was or why we invaded.

Please, you won the last election because we still use the outdated electoral college system, over what every other major advanced country uses to elect their leaders. So forget what happened 5 years ago and try to bring our country forward with programs that benefit all citizens and not just the top 1 percent of the super rich.

Mark Muchowski

Orchard Park

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