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Letters: Trump deserves thanks for getting players released an open letter opining on gratitude.

Trump deserves thanks for getting players released

An open letter opining on gratitude.

If a young boy comes along after a snowstorm and offers to shovel your driveway, would you be thankful? Would you go out of your way to offer thanks because of your age, or the fact YOU didn’t have to bundle up and go outside into the cold, or the snow is heavy and wet.

As a practice do you often give thanks where due? If it was your son who was arrested for shoplifting in a foreign country, would you be eternally grateful that the president of the United States took time out of his day to help negotiate the release of your lawbreaking child? You bet you would.

Would you expect that the chief executive officer of our country even have any interest in getting this juvenile delinquent, which is what he is, released?

President Trump wasn’t waiting for thanks, he took control and had an apparently ungrateful, spoiled brat, who was likely to spend 10 years in a squalid prison cell, released to his equally ungrateful grandstanding sire. A real father would also have been very happy, and grateful.

I find it rather amusing that the writer of the letter chastising our president would suppose “an embarrassing exchange between a private citizen and the president” is a horrid interaction. Mr. Ball is a buffoon, and his son was indeed thankful the president interceded.

Richard G. Pearce


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