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Ch. 2's McKinley adeptly explains Wisconsin couple's support of vote by Collins, Reed

A couple of days ago, I tweeted about a political advertisement in which a couple, Jim and Lindsay Pratt, were extolling the Republican Tax Reform Bill and the support of it by Western New York Congressmen Chris Collins and Tom Reed.

I was so amused by the ad that suggested the controversial bill would benefit the middle class that I did a little research before sending my tweet.

I Googled the Pratts and discovered they were Wisconsin residents and that Jim Pratt owns a heating and cooling company in that state.

I have no idea if I was the impetus for a Channel 2 story Wednesday. But needless to say, I was thrilled to see WGRZ-TV reporter Dave McKinley focus on the ad during the station's 6 p.m. Wednesday newscast.

McKinley noted that the ad was from a conservative political action committee (PAC) that plans to spend $22 million to air them in 50 congressional districts. It may be a response to the view of many economists who believe the bill will benefit the wealthy much more than the middle class.

The Channel 2 reporter added the Pratts were from Wisconsin, that there was no source for the independent analysis that claimed that a "typical" middle class family of four could save more than $1,200 in taxes from the bill, and he added a typical family of four would be tough to define anyway.

McKinley ended by explaining that political ads aren't bound by truth in advertising laws and that TV stations aren’t allowed to alter them.

But the most amusing aspect of all was that the ads for Collins and Reed ran before and after McKinley's report. It made one wonder if the PAC asked for the news time period, a request stations often comply with.

I suspect some viewers might have looked at the ads differently after watching McKinley's story.


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