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Letter: People have a right to feel appalled by daily occurrences

People have a right to feel appalled by daily occurrences

In a recent letter to the editor, the writer states that supporters of Donald Trump want lower taxes, jobs, fair trade, etc., while implying that people “slamming” the president just don’t get it. I, and countless others who do not support Trump, want those same things, but we recognize that this president lacks the personality and intellectual capacity needed to achieve anything while in office.

When the writer questioned some of the “louder voices” criticizing the president, the responses invalidated (in his mind) their opinions because they were not as informed as he was. Regardless of what people know or do not know, they have a right to feel appalled by what they see occurring daily. People are not jumping on “every single word” the president makes – just those that may be inappropriate, callous, controversial, racist, sexist, dishonest, vindictive and so unintelligently worded as to require clarification and/or correction.

Favoring environmentally unfriendly corporations and continuing practices that cause irreparable damage to the environment is disgraceful. Our country must continually invest in clean energy alternatives, which will lead to more jobs here.

No one wants “dangerous people” in our midst. To imply that those wanting to enter are all dangerous is an opinion based on “little actual knowledge” and quite frankly is insensitive and paranoid.

Yes, we can only help each other if we are strong, but it is NOT strong to blindly embrace an unqualified, inept and morally bereft administration just for the sake of change.

Maria J. Steuernagel


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