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What They Said: Taylor, Zay Jones, White, Schmidt, Alexander after win against Chiefs

Here are postgame comments from several Bills players:


Have you been saving that hat for today? “No. I didn’t get a haircut on Friday, so I have a hat on.”

What did it take to win that game today against a lot of odds? “Definitely. It was a big game, like you said, for us. We haven’t played particularly well (in) away games this year, but for us to come in and still weather the storm and overcome adversity throughout the year and even throughout this game. Our offense started off with a couple of three-and-outs. We were able to flip the field one time early on, but for us to continue to be persistent and the defense played a great job. I just think in all phases we did enough today to get the job done. There is definitely some stuff that we can clean up, but I’m proud of the guys and the way they competed.”

What got you guys into rhythm to get those points on the board? “It was a balance between allowing the running back Shady (LeSean McCoy) of course to get going but as well as us creating plays as far as passing as well. Zay (Jones) made a big play on the touchdown catch. That was definitely big for us right there. The next quarter for us to get points before the half, that was big as well.”

Zay Jones came open late there. How did that unfold? “Yeah he was actually third in the progression on that one, trying to get Shady in the flat and the linebacker ended up getting outside out there. They had a double on J Matt (Jordan Matthews) in the back of the end zone and Zay continued to finish his route and I was able to find him. Like I said, big play for us.”

Are you okay with Sean not committing to you starting beyond next week? “One week at a time.”

Was this win vindicating for you after last week? “I’m just proud of the way the guys played today. Like I said, it wasn’t the prettiest. Something I told the offense. It wasn’t the prettiest, but for us to come get a win on the road with our backs against the wall, people not believing in us. I think Coach showed us something last night. Not that this matters, but I think it was like 17 of 19 people didn’t pick us to win this one. We like those underdog feelings. It was great to come get this win.”

How bad did the team need this after the last three losses? “We definitely needed it. We haven’t played well the last three weeks. Fortunately, bounced back with a win on the road in a tough stadium, a tough environment. Those guys played well, but we were able to weather the storm. It was definitely a big win for us.”

Offensively, how did you think you played the second half? Did you feel like you put responsibility on the defense to go out and make a play? “This team feeds off each other. Defense did a great job of giving us opportunities to go out and make plays. We can be better of course. There’s a couple of those third downs where we can be better and we’ll be better. We’ll correct it as a team and as a coaching staff moving forward and we’ll get it done.”

Did you ever feel like this was a ‘season-rescuing’ win? “We take it week by week. You never want to have a losing streak, but the way that we played the last three weeks up until this one definitely just wasn’t our style of football. Fortunately we were able to win five games early on so we were still in the playoff hunt, but we knew we were still in it going into this game and this was a big game for us to come get on the road. We know we have a great team coming in next week. It’ll be good to get back home in front of our home fans, but got to take it week by week.”

Was there a tweak this week that Sean McDermott decided to use 22 personnel? “Definitely something that we planned early on just to give them different personnel to see how they play a certain package and we were able to get some production in our 22 personnel.”

Did being benched change your attitude or approach today? “No. I wouldn’t say I changed anything. I’m always a confident guy. I just appreciate the opportunity that I get to play with these guys each and every day. I see the work that every guy puts in in that locker room day to day, their preparation and I want to be a part of that on Sundays. I’m thankful for the opportunity and I’m going to continue to play the way that I play.”

How did you manage to maintain that even keel attitude with everything that had gone on? “I trust in the Lord. I give him problems. He’ll work out the outcome, but trust Him.”

You’re now 6-5. Are you at least satisfied with where you’re at right now? “We could be better for sure, but we’re in a good place going into the rest of the five games that we have left. We control our own destiny. As a team, we know how important each and every week is. Our preparation and our work ethic is definitely going to help us moving forward.”

What did the job that Colton Schmidt and Brandon Tate did on special teams do for you as an offense? “It was great. That was one of the key factors that we talk about as a team; field position. We’ve done a great job as starting with good field position as well as Colton (Schmidt) having some great punts putting those guys back into their own territory. Hats off to those guys. In all phases, we definitely did some good things on the field, but there’s definitely areas for us to clean up. We’ll have to attack that when we get back to Buffalo.”


On his touchdown reception: “It was a keeper, almost like a negative play to the left. Tyrod [Taylor] did a good job extending the play and finding me late. That’s just what that guy does. The offensive line did a great job of holding up and enabled us to get a score.”

Did you know how close you were to the sideline on that catch? “I thought I was in. I didn’t second guess it. I didn’t know they were reviewing it until I heard some of the guys say ‘Did he catch it?’ Obviously, the play stood.”

What did it mean to set the tone early in the game? “Very significant. We want to come out and play fast and get ahead really quickly. We know what type of team Kansas City is, especially in this type of environment. It’s very important for us to get that early score.”

On holding off Kansas City’s late game charge: “They’re a good football team. We had to keep fighting until the end. I’m proud of our guys for continuing to fight until the end. Unbelievable play by Tre’Davious (White) and our defense at the end to seal the game.”

On what today’s victory means: “I think it just shows the resiliency that this team has and the type of character we have. All of our goals are still in sight. We see the big picture. Sometimes you lose games, but that doesn’t define you. I’m really proud of this team for coming out and getting a win on the road.”


On his overall gameplan against Tyreek Hill: “He’s a dangerous returner. Tons of speed. The gameplan was just to isolate him and cause him to take fair catches or kick the ball right on the sideline so he can’t return it.”

Your punts were shorter and had more hang time. Was that by design? “Yeah, we wanted to hang it up there and let our gunners go to work and force some fair catches and they did a good job of that today. So that way he [Hill] can’t have any explosive plays on us.”

Does your gameplan change late in the game? “No, because he’s [Hill] is trying to do that the whole game. You just never know which one of those plays that he is going to pop one. At the end, you’re more worried about what kind of rush they’re going to give us. Are they going to bring all the guys, or what have you, because of the time left in the game.”


On the defense’s approach for containing QB Alex Smith: “I think Coach (Leslie) Frazier had a great gameplan on him to make him hold the ball, where he had to hold it, pump and really didn’t have any quick throws out of his hands. I was able to get off blocks and get a sack, especially on mine, which was a coverage sack. He was back there scrambling and trying to make a play with his legs. That gave me time to get off my block and run him down.”

Were you used more in the pass rush today than last week? “Yeah. Last week Sean (McDermott) asked me what some of my strengths were and he wanted to implement that. So in nickel coverages, I didn’t even play today. I’m an edge guy. I can play off the ball, but my strengths are playing on the edge like in a 3-4 system and rushing the passer. I think they tried to play to that today and allow me to use some of my ability to roam off the ball, act like I’m coming, drop in, blitzing sometimes. It was fun for me to go out there and relish in that role for this week. But next week it could be totally different.”


Just walk us through the last play. What did you see and how did it happen? “It was just route recognition. Coach (Gill) Byrd put us in great positions to make plays. We’ve been watching film and formations all week. I saw that formation three or four times and he [Tyreek Hill] ran that route, but he [Alex Smith] didn’t throw it. I knew at crunch time 10 [Hill] was his guy. I knew he [Smith] was going to go to him [Hill], so I just jumped it.”

Speaking of Hill, he was a guy they targeted a lot. But, you guys didn’t really let him go off. What was the key to holding him down? “[We] just limited the big plays. A guy like him, they want to get him the ball in space and get him over the top. We did a great job of keeping him in front of us. Everybody was running to him and tackling him as a group.”

What was the difference overall? This was a performance similar to what we saw earlier in the season and not the past three games. “We’ve got a lot of guys, in this locker room, who are mentally tough. We’re sticking together. I feel like Coach McDermott does a great job of telling us that we want to play our best in November and December. I feel like we’re going to go up at the right time and I feel like this is the right time.”

I know you’re a confident group. But, what does snapping this three-game skid do for you guys? “It’s big. Any time you can get a win in this league, it’s big. To get it on the road in a stadium like this against a team like that, it’s a big deal. I feel like this is going to get our momentum going.”

One of your high school coaches was on the sideline, what was it like to have that interception in front of him? “It’s a big deal for Shreveport, Louisiana. The place where I’m from, to have things happen to me like this, it’s not normal. So, when I get the opportunity to showcase and do great things for my city, that’s what I’m going to do.”


How did you hold that explosive offense to 10 points today? “We had good week of practice. Everybody was locked in. We just came out here and executed.”

Ten is their guy, 87 is their guy, but it looked like neither of them really went off even though they were targeted. How much concentration was focused on Hill and Kelce? “We definitely concentrated on them. We game planned them a little bit during the week. Like I said, we came out here, made some plays, and things started to rolling in favor of us. So, it was good.”

It seems like the defense you guys had for the first month and a half of the season got lost for a while. “It got lost, but it’s back. We’re back.”


On the defense. “We’ve gave up a few long gains. But, we just had to stay over the top of them. They get most of their scores on big plays. And, if we limit them from doing that, that’s the result of the game. But, you’ve got to give it to the whole defense today, they did an awesome job of getting to the rock and tackling. Those tackles that we were missing in the past, didn’t happen today.”

The defense you guys played through the first six weeks got lost for a while. “Exactly. We knew what we had to do. Our confidence was always there. We weren’t down. We gave up a lot of points in the previous three games. We knew that coming in. But, in our preparation, we stuck to the same stuff. We knew what we had to do. We kept it basic and came out with the win.”

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