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Letter: ‘Walk of Shame’ is not meant to offend the elderly, disabled

‘Walk of Shame’ is not meant to offend the elderly, disabled

It seems your readers have misread a recent cartoon of mine (published in The Buffalo News on the comics page, Nov. 3) “Walk of Shame.” It pains me to have this happen, but the cartoon in question has nothing to do with mocking the impaired – I myself use a cane on occasion.

The gag was specifically about the term “walk of shame” as it’s used on college campuses all over the country and it relates to one person spending the night at another person’s “dorm” and having to walk back to his respective dorm in the morning – all judging eyes on him or her, for “sleeping” with another student. It’s about sex, that’s it.

I suppose it’s more of a youth concept and thus the misreading by older readers and for that I’m very sorry. My parents use walkers and they’d kill me if I ever willingly mocked, well, anyone. So, I’m sorry for any pain I’ve caused and please know my intentions are always to bring mirth to readers, never pain.

Harry Bliss

Cornish, N.H.

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