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Letter: An unloaded weapon will not hurt anyone

An unloaded weapon will not hurt anyone

In deference to the letter, “Guns should be locked up when owner is not home,” the referenced 20-year-old has considerably more culpability than the writer indicates. An article published in The News on Oct. 5 stated that the 20-year-old, while at the home to feed the owner’s dog, discovered an unloaded .45-caliber handgun. With no ammunition available in the home, the 20-year-old went out and purchased ammunition for the gun, loaded it and placed it in a drawer.

Two days later, when removing the now loaded handgun, it discharged and shot the 19-year-old. If the 20-year-old was there to feed the dog, how did he happen to “find” the gun? An unloaded gun is only lethal if used as a club. The 20-year-old decided to go and purchase ammunition for a gun he was completely unfamiliar with. Two days later, with two friends at the house where he was supposed to be feeding the dog, he took the now loaded gun out of the drawer and it discharged, ultimately killing the 19-year-old.

I am sure that several questions I ask above arose during the trial. The 20-year-old made several key decisions prior to the unintentional shooting. My father always told me that the decisions we make affect the rest of our lives. In this case, they certainly did.

Bill Vaughan


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