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Letter: Why doesn’t Cuomo’s PSC promote energy efficiency?

Why doesn’t Cuomo’s PSC promote energy efficiency?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Public Service Commission is allowing Verizon to force New Yorkers off their reliable copper land lines, a phone network that has continued to function and saved lives during power outages. Not good.

The PSC also lacks energy-efficiency standards for the modem/router equipment supplied to customers by the cable companies. These companies don’t care that their inexpensive modems consume more than a 60-watt light bulb – about $5 per month – which is approximately five times the power use of available, efficient equipment. That’s a whole lot of wasted kilowatt hours statewide.

The commissioners, who are appointed and often former managers from the companies regulated by the PSC, seem to have difficulty relating to the public’s interests.

There’s much more energy efficiency to be had by society, but it will require astute, proactive state governments acting in the public interest.

James Rauch


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