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Letter: Trump wrong to trample on players’ civil liberties

Trump wrong to trample on players’ civil liberties

Having helped my 86-year-old dad (a retired Navy man and fourth degree Knight of Columbus) raise and lower, sometimes replace, the flag at St. Peter Catholic Church in Big Pine Key, Fla., these past couple years, I’d like to touch base on recent events. Now, of course, someone like my dad is gonna say that taking a knee during the national anthem is disrespectful. But he didn’t know the issues, and he didn’t think outside the box. As far as he was concerned, the rules were being enforced fairly, and there was no reason for all the fuss. It’s the flag, you stand, end of story. Which is fine for a nice old guy. But I wouldn’t trust him to be president. You have to be able to think quick on your feet. Or, so I thought.

Our president goes down to Alabama and blatantly tells the crowd that it’s wrong for black people to call attention to injustice in his country. The very thing our country is built on, freedom, is being told to be taken away from these players. By the president. It boggles my mind.

But when the president calls the protesters “disrespectful” to the flag, he doesn’t do it in an “old Navy man” kind of way. He doesn’t truly care about respect or disrespect, he just wants Americans to look away from what it is the players want us to look at, namely, social injustice. “Look at this shiny object,” the despot wannabe will say, to deflect attention. “Hey, is that the Easter Bunny over there?” Anything to get us to look at something besides the real issues.

Kudos to the NFL for giving the president a “Three Stooges” two-finger stick right in the eye. He’d better grow up.

Eugene Smith

Great Valley

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