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City says ignore satirical Facebook page urging hundreds to 'Purge'

If you were thinking of dressing up in your favorite mask from "The Purge" and heading out to a city park at midnight Saturday for what you think is a real casting call – stay home.

A satirical City of Buffalo Facebook page posted a fake casting call citing a need for 300 to 400 extras for "Purge: The Island," which started filming in Buffalo on Monday. The post encouraged people to "just get into character and start Purging, just like in the movies."

In the "Purge" movies, crime is legalized for 12 hours during which violent masked gangs terrorize people.

"It's a fake, phony page, not authorized," said the mayor's spokesman Michael DeGeorge. "The mayor does not condone it and is concerned that potentially dangerous misleading information is being posted. The city has reached out to Facebook, making them aware of the situation, and we are waiting to hear back from them."

The post was making social media rounds Tuesday night with people questioning its authenticity. One of the administrators for the Facebook page, which debuted earlier in September, said the post was meant to be satire.

"Our purpose is simply to make light of the comical situations in everyday life here in Buffalo and stress the importance of not believing everything you read on the internet," the administrator wrote in a Facebook message inquiry. "If you show up, in a high crime area in the middle of the night, hopefully it will teach you a lesson to consider the source."

The satirical City of Buffalo Facebook page posted this fake casting call.

In a Facebook Messenger exchange, the administrator professed to being "weary" about being identified because of the "knee-jerk reaction" to the post. The person claimed to have not been contacted by any officials for the city or from Facebook, nor received any media inquiries except from The Buffalo News.

"This has also shown us that much of the media is ready fire aim when it comes to issues in the community," the administrator said. "No one has made any attempt to contact us is a polite or professional manner still. They have done nothing but give us more (popularity) among the community and 'Feed the Trolls.'  There are satire accounts for many of your high profile politicians, Mayor Brown, Gov Cuomo ... spreading tons of comical false info and we believe we have not done anything wrong. Its the internet in 2017."

When asked if the people involved with the post considered that it could give people the idea to put on a mask and cause problems, the administrator said no.

"If we had done this for Ninja Turtles ... would you have been worried about people dressing as turtles and roaming the sewers?"

Newest 'Purge' movie is filming entirely in Buffalo

"Purge: The Island" started shooting on Monday and is expected to be in the Buffalo area through November, adding about 1,000 jobs while it is here.




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