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Letter: State needs to address delay in STAR rebates

State needs to address delay in STAR rebates

Well, it’s that time of year again when my school tax bill promptly arrives in my mailbox. Fine, I am happy to educate our children. However, as a property owner and senior citizen in New York State, I’ve been a recipient of the enhanced STAR program for many years.

Not last year! A surprise awaited me as I read my school tax bill. The full amount was due with no STAR rebate. “What happened?” I asked my Town Clerk’s Office. I was one of the lucky 77 Hamburg property owners who had a change recorded on their property deed. I had a name added to my deed, therefore it was recorded as a “new” deed along with new homeowners.

After registering with Albany as required, I placed five to six calls to clerks who informed me that, “Yes, New York State is a little behind but checks will soon be issued.”

Why would Albany change a plan that worked with one it was totally unprepared to handle? If I paid my taxes late, I would surely be assessed a late fee. Am I accruing interest on the $1,200, soon to be $2,400, that is overdue? Frustrated? More than a little!

Rosemary Gorney


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