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Letter: Evans would pay county for its policing manpower

Evans would pay county for its policing manpower

The Another Voice comment of Sept. 18 titled, “County needs to fund sheriff’s road patrol fairly,” erroneously states if the Town of Evans were to replace the Evans police force with the Erie County Sheriff’s Department, “all of Erie County taxpayers will subsidize their police services.” It appears that the writer of this comment did not read the publicly filed Evans Taxpayers United study and wrongly implies that the study places the policing cost burden on the backs of all Erie County residents.

The fact is that the CPA-prepared study makes it clear that the Town of Evans would pay the county for the sheriff’s policing manpower and associated costs, absorb as many current Evans police officers as required by the Town Board and hold four public meetings to discuss the pros and cons of the study. This CPA-finalized study shows an annual savings of $500,000 for Evans with the same manpower coverage.

Finally, the writer of this comment failed to advise readers that the Town of Evans is broke, has no reserves, is teetering on bankruptcy and cannot afford the Evans police officer’s 2016 average annual earnings of $93,600 as part of the annual total cost, with benefits, of $147,000 per officer. It is unfortunate that the Evans Town Board has stuck its head in the sand and refuses to look into this taxpayer savings possibility.

Stan Radwan


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