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Shady says incentives were about more than 'loot'

The Bills raised some eyebrows when they added $2.5 million in incentives to LeSean McCoy's contract before the season. On Wednesday, Shady was asked if it had anything to do with the anticipation that he would be carrying a heavy load on offense this season.

"I just wanted the loot, baby!" McCoy said as reporters burst out laughing in the media room. "No, it wasn't like that. It just happened. It had nothing to do with the extra loot."

McCoy said he received the incentives before the Sammy Watkins trade, which put even more pressure on the team's top offensive player to produce at a high level.  I told McCoy it sounds as if they thought he might need more incentive if things went badly for the Bills later in the season.

"Well, I guess," he said. "I mean, it's my home here, so I just try to be here, win some games, have some things to chase and strive for, along with wins."

It was interesting to hear McCoy mention Buffalo being his home. A cynic might wonder if the Bills were worried that he wanted out of town. McCoy has a base salary of $6 million and a cap hit of $8.875 this season. That's second among NFL running backs after the Steelers' Le'Veon Bell.

So Shady is well-compensated for his services, and the Bills didn't need to sweeten the pot for him. What was their incentive? McCoy has said he can play at a high level until he's 32 or 33. Maybe they wanted to make sure he didn't check out late in the year to preserve his body for the future.

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