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Letter: We must never give up in fight against cancer

We must never give up in fight against cancer

It has been 37 years since a remarkable young man touched my life with his courage, spirit and the awareness he brought to millions of people around the world. His name was Terry Fox, and in 1980 he began his Marathon of Hope across Canada to fight cancer. I would follow his daily progress, and would wonder what he was feeling each day as the miles piled up. The fear? The pain? Did he have any idea of the lives he touched in his short life?

Not many years later, my hero came along. She would fight the same battle, not once, but three times with cancer. Now we would live this terrible nightmare that this brave young man had battled to the end, never giving up. There were so many days and nights of fighting what seemed to never end. The highs of hope, and hearing you are cancer free, and then just a few years later it would reappear and we would together try to beat this awful illness.

As I spent time with my hero in her last three weeks, I thought of Fox and the millions of people who have been handed this awful sentence. My hero was a lot like Fox. She never ever asked: Why me? When I told her over and over, “Why can’t this be taken away and given to me?” she would hold me and tell me she would never want me to suffer the way she was suffering.

My wife lost her third battle with cancer on April 4 at 7:10 a.m. I guess the main reason I am writing this letter is to send a message to those out there who also have heroes battling this terrible illness called cancer. Never, ever give up. Remember Fox, and my own Kathie Swan. Someday we will beat this terrible thing called cancer.

Christopher M. Swan Sr.


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