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Stevie Johnson offers encouragement to Zay Jones, from one pass-dropper to another

Stevie Johnson was on the wrong end of the most famous drop in recent Bills history, letting a game-winner fall through his hands in overtime against Pittsburgh in 2010.

So when Bills receiver Zay Jones found himself in a similar position Sunday, failing to catch a fourth-down pass from Tyrod Taylor in the final minute (although the pass was a little overthrown and the Bills still would've needed to punch it into the end zone with nine seconds left), Johnson wasted no time offering encouragement to the rookie.

Jones cried in the Bills' locker room after the game, as did Johnson seven years earlier. Here's a replay from Sunday:

Bills' Hall of Fame receiver Andre Reed also sent positive vibes to Jones.

Stevie Johnson remains a free agent, despite his Twitter pleas to join to Bills. One of his receiving idols, Chad Johnson, tweeted him encouragement after his drop.

Here's The News' game recap from the Bills' 2010 loss to Pittsburgh, which was their third overtime loss of the season.

"In this business there's two types of people, the humble and the humbled," coach Chan Gailey said. "And if you're not in the first group, you'll be in the second group at some point in time."

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