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Letter: Plans for Elmwood will enhance neighborhood

Plans for Elmwood will enhance neighborhood

We fortunately live in a free country and have the right to speak freely, protest and take legal action against anyone we disagree with. That being said, I wonder if the plaintiffs in the latest stonewalling lawsuit, who may or may not even live in the subject area, have ever taken a long hard look at the properties being replaced with the Chason project. Many are in poor condition, having a negative effect on the property values and the overall “historic character” of the neighborhood.

As one who was born and raised in that area, I personally recall the derelict two-plus family homes being in disrepair for years, even when owned by individuals. Tattoo shops and various retail outlets that did not fit the neighborhood have existed for years, seemingly with little notice or concern.

I doubt that the Chason Group is looking to destroy the Elmwood Village’s character; if anything it is looking to enhance it and the village’s “Northern Gateway.” With nearby galleries, Buffalo State College expansion, the Richardson Center and the new Hotel Henry on line, bringing tourists and other visitors to the community, do the plaintiffs really want to leave slums in the middle?

Scott Gorton


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