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Bills OC Rick Dennison has 'complete confidence' in QB Tyrod Taylor

Tyrod Taylor's performance Sunday against the Carolina Panthers led to questions about his job status Monday.

Coach Sean McDermott shot those down, indicating that Taylor will remain his starter. Offensive coordinator Rick Dennison was asked a short time later where his confidence level is after Taylor's performance in a 9-3 loss.

"High. I have complete confidence in him," Dennison said. "I think he did some things, even though he did some bad things, he did some good things. He managed the team when the things weren't going well, but kept us in the game. Some people might have gone south. He kept us all rolling, had to make some plays with his feet when things weren't there. He's coachable. You tell him to do something, he'll do it right. You know, he'll fix it."

Dennison's definition of "rolling" must be friendlier than just about anyone else who watched Sunday's game. The Bills had 176 total yards of offense. Taylor completed three passes to wide receivers in the first 57 minutes of the game. Asked Monday why the team is having such a difficult time getting that group more involved, Dennison challenged the idea.

"I don't know that you can say it that way. That's a different statement," he said. "We haven't completed as many balls to the wide receivers. You know, we're trying to get the ball, spread the ball around, do whatever we need to do to move the ball. We didn't execute very well early on – 57 minutes, as you said. We just didn't move the ball very well. It wasn't just the wide receivers."

No matter how you say it, the offense struggled. The man in charge of it likewise had a tough time explaining why.

"They played better than us," he said. "We didn't we execute. The consistency, you watch play after play, you know one play we're doing well, one play we're not. It's not any one person, it's us as a group. So we'll go back, they'll be corrected on the mistakes they made, we as coaches correct our mistakes and try to get a better plan going and moving forward."

Tyrod Taylor to remain starting quarterback, Bills coach Sean McDermott says

Taylor attempted just three passes that traveled at least 20 yards, according to Pro Football Focus, and did not complete a single one of them.

"Well, you know, just execution, again, in general," Dennison said of the struggles in that regad.

When asked for more specifics he said "No, I'd rather not. It's just execution. Whether it's a wide receiver creating separation or protection. There's many things. I'd have to go through play by play for you. We just didn't execute. We didn't get the ball down the field. We gave it a try a couple times. The ball went out. Didn't make those plays."

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