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Letter: Consumers should consider renewable energy sources

Consumers should consider renewable energy sources

Large, very powerful hurricanes have been and are hammering our country. Are they the result of man-made climate change?

Each year the average temperature of the earth rises, glaciers melt, polar ice decreases, the oceans warm.

Scientists know that carbon dioxide, like methane and water vapor, is a heat-trapping gas. Temperature rise is measurable, a known fact. Nature has sequestered carbon in oil, coal and natural gas and buried it. We dig it up, burn it, and the carbon dioxide traps heat in the atmosphere. Simple.

Some of our politicians wish to equate the effects of our adding billions of tons of carbon to the atmosphere daily to a religion they don’t believe in called, science. They say carbon, unearthed, burned and pumped from millions of vehicles furnaces and power plants, has no effect on climate.

You decide.

You might choose to have a Western New York company install solar panels on your roof, geothermal heating and air conditioning in your home, and buy an American-made electric car, as we did.

We got government rebates from all three, saved 1,036 pounds. of carbon from the atmosphere in August alone, equivalent to 12 trees, and have paid no electric bill since 2011. There is no gas to leak, no fuel to spill, no flame, no nuclear waste. It works in snowy, cloudy Western New York.

Whatever your religion, solar and geothermal provide local jobs and no carbon at all! They work!

Henry R. Danielson


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