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Letter: Constitutional Convention would result in disaster

Constitutional convention would result in disaster

Every 20 years, the question of whether there shall be a constitutional convention appears on the New York State election ballot.

Opening the Constitution is not an attempt to improve democracy, but rather an opportunity for corporations and the elite to increase profits. There already exists a mechanism for changing the New York State Constitution. All stakeholders must come together in November and vote no!

The convention is estimated to cost between $47 million and $105 million. The Constitution can already be changed in a more reasonable way. The Legislature can propose any amendment in two consecutive sessions and then place that measure on the ballot in the next election when the voters will have the final say.

If the voters decide that the Constitution should be opened for what they see as a noble reason, the delegates will be able to change any other aspect of the Constitution that the voters did not send them to change.

Pensions are protected under an article written in the state Constitution. There is already a push to change pensions into a 401(k), which has turned out to be disastrous in other states.

There is an article that guarantees the right to a free public education that would be eliminated to benefit those who wish to profit from the privatization of public schools and for-profit charter schools.

There would be a removal of protections for state parks that are currently protected and designated to be “forever wild.” Please join me in voting no!

Seamus McCarville

East Aurora

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