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John Murphy Show Recap: The 'Lo Down' with Lorenzo Alexander, Greg Cosell, Mark Kelso and coach McDermott audio

NFL Film's Bill Barnwell joined John Murphy and Donald Jones on WGR-550 AM on Friday.

Cosell talked about the mobility of quarterbacks and how that can and cannot be a factor NFL coaches like, citing Deshaun Watson's performance on Thursday night versus the Bengals. Cosell chatted about Cam Newton's accuracy issues and how much power Newton put into throws intermediately and deep, as well as Cosell's opinion of Andy Dalton so far this season in the NFL, the Patriots-Saints matchup of 0-1 teams, the Falcons-Packers matchup and the rhythm of Aaron Rodgers in the Packers passing game. Cosell then talked about about the big quarterback match-ups of the weekend.

Former player and current Bills radio color analyst Mark Kelso joined Murphy and Jones to preview Carolina-Buffalo. Kelso talked about the transition from college speed to NFL speed with a few players on the Panthers and Bills, as well as the transition from college to the pros for Christian McCaffrey. Kelso finished with a discussion of the keys to victory for the Bills and how Carolina and Buffalo match up personnel wise.

Lorenzo Alexander also joined Murphy and Jones and talked Panthers-Bills, how he keeps track of keeping his body as healthy as possible in-season, reading negative comments on Twitter to stay motivated, having scouting report on officials, whether some refs bait players like baseball refs will, a quick look back at the Jets and keys to victory in Carolina.


John Murphy Show September 15th 2017


Donald Jones: "Hopefully these guys are well-hydrated and drank their Pedialyte."

John Murphy, after Jones mentions Dareus helped stop run with rest of defensive line: "All I'm saying is, I'd like to see more."

Mark Kelso: "One of the things they haven't even done is running the quarterback read. Right now I think Cam is a little reluctant."

Greg Cosell: "Hard to say after one week where he stands. ... Cam's a little different. He's capable of running. ... He's basically a pocket passer that can run."

Greg Cosell on Andy Dalton: "The first two games of this season he hasn't been a composed pocket player."

Lorenzo Alexander on scouting referees: "Most of the places I've been, on Saturday mornings, will give you a heads up on who it is that week."


0:00-25:00: Chat about McCoy resting with groin injury; Playing in different weather conditions than your team's normal; Prep for Carolina game

25:00-28:00: Coach McDermott audio on Carolina Defense

32:00-45:00: Mark Kelso interview

54:00-57:00: Discussion of the attachment Luke Kuechly has during games (Q Collar), which may help prevent concussions

1:03:00-1:25:00: Greg Cosell interview

1:42:00-1:50:00: Info on One Buffalo Blood drive contest

1:54:00-2:00:00: What will it take to beat Carolina?

2:03:00-2:20:00: "The Lo Down" with Lorenzo Alexander

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