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Letter: News article did a nice job showing police as caring

News article did a nice job showing police as caring

The Sept. 9 News article praising three Buffalo police officers was well deserved. With so many negative stories that surface involving officers, the two stories depicted in the article showed another side of police officers.

One story featured in The News article went viral and ended up on Facebook.

Officer Patrick McDonald was called to an East Side noise complaint. Not only did the officer defuse the situation, he ended up playing wide receiver with the kids in the street. Case closed.

The other scenario involved Officers Mark Tripp and Patrick Crowley, longtime friends and police partners who saved the life of a 9-year-old boy choking on a fireball. Using the Heimlich maneuver they dislodged the obstruction in his throat and saved his life.

Most officers want to help citizens, not lock them up. Buffalo police would much rather help and show compassion than roll around in the street putting themselves and a suspect in harm’s way.

To the Buffalo Police Department and all of our Buffalo police officers, job well done.

Phil Ryan

Retired BFD Lieutenant

West Seneca

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