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Letter: News editorial cartoonist adheres to his liberal bias

News editorial cartoonist adheres to his liberal bias

Of what use is Adam Zyglis?

Most of the time all he does is dutifully reproduce the most obvious, shallow and conventional leftist take on every issue. There’s certainly no fear of gaining any new insight or discovering a novel approach to any question. The Buffalo News could save some space by simply replacing his drawings with the words “Republicans are bad.”

But on Sep. 10 he managed to be worse than usual, portraying the end of DACA as nothing more than white racism.

Did he listen to the explanation given by Attorney General Jeff Sessions? Does he know anything about the legal objections to the way this program was created by executive order, even after Obama said 20 times that he was not allowed to do that under the Constitution? Did he notice that President Trump is keeping the program going for six months to give Congress time to come up with a proper, legal replacement?

I doubt it. Why go to all the trouble to learn anything about an issue when simple character assassination is so much easier? Why engage an argument when you can just cry “racism?”

This is what you get from the political side that prides itself on nuance and being against hate, when in reality they have nothing to offer but smug, simplistic virtue signaling.

Matthew Bartle


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