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Letter: Higgins should consider options to Skyway removal

Higgins should consider options to Skyway removal

I wish to again congratulate Rep. Brian Higgins for his tireless energy in helping the revolutionary revival of Buffalo and also Western New York. However, his renewed statement about spending hundreds of millions of precious taxpayer dollars to remove the Skyway and then rebuild the infrastructure for replacing the highway is a little scary.

What about the difficult impact on the tens of thousands of its daily users and all its neighbors? Why are there no options being developed that he and the state Department of Transportation and the public can consider during its major rehabilitation project scheduled for next year?

There are hundreds of beautiful bridges around the world that have been upgraded with attractive lighting and many other features. Why not have, first, a national competition for proposals for upgrading the Skyway?

We might be pleasantly surprised with some of the creative, attractive submittals that could save taxpayers money and years of aggravation to those who frequently use the Skyway. The outcome could be a new attraction for our downtown and waterfront.

As a simple, local example, look how much the appearance of the Peace Bridge has been enhanced from the previous, very old, dull-looking bridge.

Congressman Higgins and The News editorial board should encourage the pursuit of other options first.

Sergio Fornasiero


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