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Letter: Cuomo and Higgins getting things done

Cuomo and Higgins getting things done

After reading The News article about Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Rep. Brian Higgins, I began to wonder: Where is the story here?

Higgins is aggressive and isn’t afraid to call out issues that need attention in our community, regardless of which political party is in power. Taking on the state Power Authority, the Thruway Authority, the NFTA and the BMHA, Higgins charges hard and lays out compelling arguments based on objective facts. Based on the record, the governor responds favorably.

Thanks to their work, we have a new state park on the Outer Harbor, new development at Canalside, and will soon have fewer Thruway commuter delays on Grand Island, as we now have no toll booths on Interstate 190.

Higgins and Cuomo have figured out a way to work together for the whole community, and that’s a good thing. From the looks of it, the only “tug of war” that exists is really between Higgins and the state and federal government bureaucrats, who are naturally slow to respond and are resistant to change, in part because Higgins threatens their comfortable existence.

Brian Blake

Orchard Park

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